Side by Side™ is creating a leading 21st century travel gear brand and everyday carry for Digital Nomad, aimed at shaking the industry through innovative design, unmatched customer experience and modern distribution channels.


Our Story

April 2017, Side by Side™ Founder Antoine d’Haussy, a French native based in Hong Kong launched the Power Packer on crowdfunding platforms (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Makuake). A couple of months later with hard work and plenty of good luck, he got the support from 9500 backers over 62 countries. It was simply the best launch we could have imagined for Side by Side™. The funds raised in our campaigns allow us to focus on our users and innovate for our next product launch.

Antoine has worked in the luggage and computer bag industry for over decade. As a first-hand witness to the ever-changing needs of carrying modern tech, he launched his own brand to create travel accessories that can streamline any journey. Born out of a passion for detail, design and functional materials, Side by Side™ travel gear is infused with thoughtful and progressive features that cater the needs of the smart global traveller. With the launch of our first product, we hope to keep making unique travel gear that you’ll take along to your next destination.


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Proud Member of 1% FTP

As part of a mission to conserve and protect the planet that we all travel, Side by Side will donate 1% of every sale to a global network of non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the environment. Find out more at  


Intellectual Property 

We are very proud of our unique product design. We take our Intellectual Property Rights very seriously and will stop at nothing to protect Side by Side™. Our brand and designs are protected internationally and we continue to increase the scope of protection for Side by Side™.