Side by Side is turning 4 this year!

As we step into the 4th anniversary of Side by Side, we look back at some of our key moments that brought us here today. 

Here are 4 memorable events to celebrate our 4th birthday!

1. First Product Launch
On 4th April 2017, our 1st crowd-funding campaign for the Power Packer went live on Kickstarter. It wasn’t easy starting a brand from scratch, but thankfully with the support of the Kickstarter community, Side by Side was born! This marked Day 1 of our journey.

2. First Retailer Partnership
In February 2018, Backers Store became the first retailer to carry our products in a brick and mortar shop. We were ecstatic to showcase Side by Side in a physical environment in addition to our online presence.


3. First Photo-shooting Campaign
To create good content, you need a great photographer! We invited the talented Vanessa Wong to shoot our first social campaign. It was such an amazing collaboration to bring our products to life through these photos. 


4. First Limited Edition
We've always had a special connection with this country ever since we signed our first distributor with Japan the same year of our launch in 2017. One of the most exciting projects we have done together was to release the first Limited Edition product - the Power Packer Tokyo edition last year. It was exclusive for our Japan market so we've never shown it on our site before. We are very proud of it and we hope to launch more limited edition collections in the future. 

Another year with you, our Side by Side community, is a milestone worth celebrating.

To share our appreciation for your support since 2017, we will be giving a special treat of 40% Off on ALL Side by Side products for 4 days only! Use coupon code SBS40 at the checkout.

Thank you to each and every one of you who have supported Side by Side throughout this journey so far. We look forward to creating many more fun moments with you! 

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