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A slim and incredibly versatile toiletry bag organizer created for every traveler on any trip, with various features designed for efficiency and comfort.

The Travel Packer is a modular toiletry bag with optimum compartmentalization that allows travelers to adapt for their trips as needed. Detachable Dopp Cubes make up the interior of the Travel Packer which can be used together or individually.

Unlike traditional brick-shaped toiletry bags, The Travel Packer features a slim design to utilize already limited luggage space.  Although it functions as primarily a toiletry bag, it can also be used to organize any personal belongings.


Sleek and Slim design made for optimal packing.

Multiple hanging positions can adopt a standing, high hanging, or low hanging position.

Mesh pockets to let damp items breathe and dry.

Two elastic loops to hold anything from your toothbrush to comb.

Discreet pocket for discreet things.

Two detachable and leak-proof Dopp Cubes in small and large.

Travel Packer
Height: 11.41’’ / 29cm 
Width: 8.26’’ / 21cm 
Thickness: 1.57’’ / 4cm
Weight: 490g
Main fabric: polyester

Dopp Cube S
Height: 3.5’’ / 9cm 
Width: 7.87’’ / 20cm 
Thickness: 1.57’’ / 4cm
Main fabric: polyester, eva

Dopp Cube L
Height: 6.3’’ / 16 cm 
Width: 7.87’’ / 20cm
Thickness: 1.57’’ / 4cm
Main fabric: polyester, eva

Warranty: 3-year 
Packed in a Kraft Paper Box.