New Year, New Habits


As we welcome the new year, many of us are inspired to set new goals and resolutions for ourselves. Listing out the resolutions is easy, being motivated to act on them, on the other hand, can be challenging. How many times have you given up your goal not even 2 weeks into the year? 

We’ve all been there, done that. Hence in 2021, we want to try a new approach to forming (and sticking to) new habits. Read on to find out. 

Start small 

Perhaps the most common reason that we give up on a resolution is because it’s too ambitious to begin with . We want to achieve a lot, but when we don’t have the means to do so, we become intimidated or feel frustrated, and eventually just toss it aside. 

Why not start by taking baby steps instead? Think about activities that you do every day, and see if there are ways to improve some of those processes that can yield immediate results.

Going to bed too late? Try setting a reminder 15 mins before your ideal sleep time to start shutting down digital distractions and get ready for bed. 

Always losing or forgetting your face masks these days? Carry a pouch that you can safely store your mask and spare ones wherever you go. 

Our latest Side by Side Kit is designed to keep your face masks and sanitizing essentials in one place. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

And by help, we mean some pretty smart digital help. We live in a smartphone age, so why not make the most of your device to help you optimize your habits?

Here are a few apps that our team swears by:

For productivity: Trello - this is probably the most used app for Side by Side as it is what the team uses to get everything done! The Kanban-style layout is easy to use, and provides great flexibility for team collaboration, especially in this remote working era. 

For meditation: CALM - the all-in-one app to help ease your mind, including guided meditation series, sleep stories narrated by celebrities, as well as soothing music. 

For not forgetting stuff: Things - this is your to-do list, but better! Enter all your tasks (small or big, can be neatly organized) and then enjoy the satisfaction of crossing each task off as you complete them one by one. 

Of course, Side by Side is always here to help you as well! If one of your goals is to declutter and organize your workspace, then look no further than our Power Packer to keep all your digital devices, gadgets and charging units in one place. Enjoy WFH in a whole new (tidy) way! 

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